Review – Ann Agustin


What People Are Saying About Ann


Mrs. Agustin inspires me a lot with the way she juggles her daily activities as a career woman, friend, wife and mother. Her huge success emanates from her dedication for work and her passion to be of service to others, especially those in need. She is truly an amazing person with genuine and generous heart. 



There are so many adjective to describe Ms. Ann Agustin. Somer of the first words that come to mind are soft-spoken, generous, compassionate, spiritual, beautiful, kind, hardworking and many others. I worked with her on various projects and always found her easy to work with, flexible and creative with solutions. She is the type who would go out of her way to facilitate the work and make sure that her colleagues and partners are satisfied. This concern for partner satisfaction is  probably at the heart of all her dealings, may it be personal or professional. This is what makes her stand out from the rest and, probably what brings the sweetest success into her life.




Some teachers teach by the book. Others will tell experience of great people to motivate their learners. But Ms. Ann's way of teaching is different. She uses words of encouragement that are bases from her own experience as to how she achieved her goals in life. As a teachers she uses her eyes to see the situation of the learner. She also lends her earns to listen and gives her heart to show care and understanding. More than the options she is giving, she actually gives opportunity to thise who want to achieve financial freedom.

Before, I used to be satisfied with the money I gain monthly from teaching in a public school. As the value of money becomes low and the needs go high. I had to tutor kids from other school to gain extra income to meet my needs and bit of my wants. All the while I thought this will make my finances stable. I have been introduced to  new and more clients and then I met Ms. Ann. As a I tutor two of her kids, I also get tutored by her with life's lessons and how to improve my life. She also introduced me to a seminar that changes my idea of work and earnings.

Right now, I am managing my small business while I still work as a teacher and a tutor. I planned to make it grow in the future. Ms. Ann insipired me to do well in my career, both in teaching and in business.